The EZ Stream Wizard is no longer officially supported and has been replaced by OnyxPanel.

Please note:

- All videos and live broadcast embed codes generated using the EZ Stream Wizard will continue to work however for broader device support (i.e. iOS & Android) we recommend you replace existing embed codes on your web pages with new ones generated using OnyxPanel.

- Playlists created using EZ Stream Wizard will not show up in OnyxPanel. They will continue to work on your web pages however OnyxPanel offers much better playlist management so you may want to recreate your playlists using OnyxPanel.

- Beware that if you move videos to a new folder using the new OnyxPanel media manager, this may break existing embed codes on your web pages since the path to the videos will change.

- Streaming stat reports should be generated using OnyxPanel 'Reports' tool. EZ Stream Wizard StreamsStats is discontinued.

Click here to login to your new OnyxPanel interface >>

You can still login to the old EZ Stream Panel below if you have a need to.

EZ Stream Wizard? is a product of OnyxServers Flash streaming services.

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